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Through the use of AI and smart microphones, we are developing next generation, real-time, wildlife monitoring technologies.

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Synature is a Swiss based startup with the goal of reducing conflicts between animals and humans. Our team is perfecting an acoustic monitoring technology capable of mapping the location of animals without interfering with their natural habitat.


Effortlessly monitor large areas automatically and cost-effectively

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Get live updates of selected species on your favorite device

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For all animals communicating with sounds over great distances

Currently, we are focusing on wolf detection in Europe. However, our technology can also be applied to hyenas, elephants and lions.

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Smart Microphone 1.0

Synature began as a bachelor project that was later awarded the best bachelor thesis in computer science from the Universities of Bern, Neuchâtel and Fribourg.

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Smart Microphone 1.1

We created a new prototype in summer 2022 that we field tested in fall.  The smart microphone 1.1 features improved user experience, sharper detection accuracy, longer battery life and many more updates. Soon we will publish the latest news about version 2.0.

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Meet the team

We are a team of master students from EPFL, ETHZ and University of Bern with backgrounds in engineering, computer science and management. We are happy to chat anytime !

Olivier StaehliMiya FerrisseNoah SchmidAdrian Jörg
Sustainable development goals


We promote the coexistence between animals and humans to strengthen the world's biodiversity.

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